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Tiles & Tiling Products

Tile Trends Tweed Heads carry a huge range of porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, natural stone and pavers. The styles, effects and combinations are endless when it comes to tiles and it is so important to make the right decision.

Here are just a few of the most popular tile ranges at Tile Trends.

Kerlite Avantegarde by Cotto D'Este

Imagine a ceramic floor that has managed to bring excellence to the quality of the porcelain tiles in just 3 mm. The result is an innovative coating that is of extraordinary beauty and versatility. Easily cleanable, Kerlite Avantegarde is the ideal tile for walls and floors as it is lighter, easier to cut and lay. Kerlite is frost resistant, does not absorb liquids, never retains odours, does not trap dirt and stains are removed using just hot water.

There are eight fantastic Kerlite styles to choose from, including Avantegarde, blackwhite, Buxy, Colours, Elegance, GeoQuarttz, KW and the new collection of Kerlite Oaks - a perfect imitation of fine timbers.
Made in Italy Green Technology
Cotto D'Este: Kerlite Avantegarde

Natural Slate Multicolour by Unicom Starker

A must have for lovers of slate. The Natural Slate Multicolour tile has been created by digital ink jet technology to reproduce a stunning effect that is visually undistinguishable from a natural slate tile.

Available for both floors and walls, this tile also comes in a mosaic which creates a gorgeous myriad of copper, rust, grey and brown.

Natural Slate is available in three colours; Autumn, Multicolour and Winter.
Made in Italy Green Technology Digital Ink Technology

Unicom Starker: Natural Slate Multicolour

Sintra Series by Grespania

The Sintra series by Grespania uses the latest technology in glazing ceramic and porcelain, 'digital injection printing'. This method creates an unlimited number of completely different pieces in each range, obtaining a much more natural look, the total glazing of 100% of the surface of the tile regardless of its structure be it flat, ondulated or with heavy clefting, a much greener method of manufacture with less use of inks, no need for screens, rotocolour rollers and other materials employed in other methods.

The Sintra series is available for both indoor and outdoor.
Digital Ink TechnologyGreen Technology Made in Spain

Grespania: Sintra

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